Master of Science in Management - MSMan

Program Description
Keiser University’s Master of Science in Management (MSMan) program is a 33 semester credit program that prepares students to compete in the current leadership and management environment. It is designed for students who want to develop the leadership skills to manage and lead employees in organizations and for professionals who want to assume greater management responsibilities within their organizations. The program emphasizes leadership skills, strategic planning and implementation, the human resources aspect of management, managerial communication and how to develop other leaders within the organization.

Program Objectives
Keiser University’s Master of Science in Management (MSMan) program enables students to contribute to the management profession and fosters independent learning.  Upon completion of this program, students are able to:

    KU Demonstrate the ability to manage projects, strategic planning, management and implementation required by the organization
    KU Demonstrate proficiency in managing and enhancing people skills in organizations
    KU Demonstrate the ability to align organizational resources to lead effectively
    KU Demonstrate an ability to effectively make and implement decisions
    KU Demonstrate assessment skills by leading, evaluating  and promoting personnel
    KU Demonstrate professionalism as a manager within the organization through communication and leadership skills


Program Outline
Students take 11 major courses for 33 graduate credit hours. NOTE:  Courses in the MSMan program are each eight-weeks in length, and students are normally scheduled for two courses concurrently.

Master of Science in Management Major Courses (33.0 credit hours)
Business Information Systems
Organizational Behavior (co-requisite course)
Project Management 
Managerial Communications
Strategic Planning and Implementation
Leadership Development  
Human Resource Management
Organizational Change
Global Human Resources Management
Global Law and Employee Relations
Program Capstone Class